This love is...


This love is 

indeed stewarding us all 

and all there is 

- I have no doubt in that

To learn how to be stewarding as I am being stewarded by life

is a gift of great proportion

I hear my heart singing to me in this moment 

So much space is there

 in that knowing of the reality of love 


as this life web of love weaves us

 into being alive for a wee while,

to meet others in companionship 

to be healed 

to come back to zero and enter ONE

- to know and to let go into

 a trust in trust

To know truly that this sweet kindness

 is our core

- one and all

what a gift to be able to offer good work

 from such heart 

in service of this quality

that words can not ever reach

bowing from my center

to your center

I am in happiness once again.

- toke 2009