It is time


The training time is over

for those of us who can hear

the call of the heart

and of the times

My real soul work has begun on the next level

for me at least

My courage is

to do what calls me

but I may be afraid of

We need to work together

in a very deep sense

to open and hold spaces

fields, spheres of energy

in which our and

other people's transformation

can occur

None of us can do it alone

The warriors of joy are gathering

to find each other

to train together

to awaken

to do some good work

from the heart

with no attachment

and throw it

in the river of time

No religion, no cult, no politics

just flow with life itself

as it

unfolds in the now...

What is my Work?

What is our Work?

- toke Whidbey Island 2003